103 Calle San Jose
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901
Swiss Bronze Figure Sgnd Listed DtD 1918
Balkan Court Yard Oil/Carton Signed 19th century
Print - Maned Aguara
Hand-Colored Litho Aviation Sgnd Lemon WII
Oil painting of Muslim-Fierce Visage-Signed
Map of Manzanillo
American Fashion Ink Drawing-Lady w/Cape-30s
Bronze Bas Relief Italian Plaque Puttis Signed 20thc
Watercolor Painting of Venice Sgnd 1930s
18thc Map of Santo Domingo and Puerto Rico Dtd Sgnd Bonne
USD $325
Late 17thc or Early 18thc Portrait of Spanish Grandee
USD $2,400
Italian Oil Painting Impressionist 19thc Landscape
Spanish civil war lithograph civilian suffering. Signed.
USD $475
Carved Marble Infant Bust
Italian Crucifix in Petra Dura Florentine
USD $495
American Fashion Ink Drawing-La Chine-30s
Danish Village Square Oil Painting 1940s
USD $295
Lithography by Puerto Rican Tufino Sgnd Edition 1972
USD $985