103 Calle San Jose
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901
Pr Very Fine European Watercolors-signed
American Oil Painting-Sgnd Lstd Sales ca 1940s
Puerto Rican Oil Painting Sgnd dtd 1967
Painting, "Apres La Danse" FRENCH 70yrs
Dog Oil Painting Of Three Toy Breeds
USD $895
Oil painting of Muslim-Fierce Visage-Signed
Dutch Early 20thc Oil Painting Winter/Spring Sgnd
Painting, Jungle Scene
Oil on Board-Church Interior-signed dtd 1920
Balkan Court Yard Oil/Carton Signed 19th century
Painting, Chilean
18thc Italian Still Life with Bacchus on Wood Panel
USD $2,550
Painting, Doll in Pink-Hungarian-1920s
19thc Irish Oil Painting--Damsel In Garden 1860s
Lge English Watercolor ca 1930s Garden Pool
Italian 19thc Watercolor Grand Dame Signed
18thc English Coat of Arms Painted on Silk Framed
Painting O/C 19c Hassidic Jew at Full Gallop