103 Calle San Jose
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901
Dominican Oil Painting Sgnd Listed E Sanchez 1991
"La nuit aux eaux Chaud(er)"French listed
Italian Watercolor/Gauche Cupids Forge neoclassical
European Impressionist Oil Painting ca 1920s
19thc Irish Oil Painting--Damsel In Garden 1860s
Painting, Chilean
Spanish Bullfight Painting ca 1930s
18thc Spanish Colonial oil on Wood of St Isidore
USD $650
Watercolor Painting of Venice Sgnd 1930s
Soviet Russian Portrait Stalingrad sgnd
USD $650
18thc Italian Still Life with Bacchus on Wood Panel
USD $2,550
Painting, Doll in Pink-Hungarian-1920s
Lion and his Mate Oil Painting ca 1900
American Watercolor Sailing In Caribbean Sgnd 1940s
Painting, Barbizon School Still Life
Striking Modernist Oil Painting of a Jezebel Signed
Lge English Watercolor ca 1930s Garden Pool
German OIL Painting Wagnerian Fantasy ca 1900
USD $995