103 Calle San Jose
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901
Water color Elephant Sgnd Listed Recds E. Romano
Madonna, 18th century painting (Italian)
"La nuit aux eaux Chaud(er)"French listed
Brest Citadel by Koval
English Oil Painting Lyon 1855 Hardwick Listed
Oil on Board-Church Interior-signed dtd 1920
18thc Italian Still Life with Bacchus on Wood Panel
USD $2,550
French Portrait Painting Wasted Lady 1961 Paris Sgnd
18thc English Coat of Arms Painted on Silk Framed
Art Deco Gibson Girl Pastel Oval-ca 1930 American Sgnd
Italian 19thc Watercolor Grand Dame Signed
Balkan Court Yard Oil/Carton Signed 19th century
Danish Village Square Oil Painting 1940s
USD $295
Painting, Barbizon School Still Life
(pair) 18thc Italian paintings on vellum
USD $1,650
Early 18thc Spanish Painting with Silver Embellishments
USD $4,800
English Colonial Painting ca1870 Antigua West Indies
Lge German 19thc Drawing of Two Damsels In May
19thc Spanish Oil Painting Sgnd Lstd Sales
19thc Austrian Military Parade Watercolor-1860s
Watercolor Painting, 'Gate'-Chinese-1920s
American Oil - signed WG Smith-1920s
Painting O/C 19c Hassidic Jew at Full Gallop
Dummy Boards, Regency.English-1840s
American Oil Painting-Men at War ca 1910 Sgnd
Danish Oil Painting Sgnd dtd 1918 Lush Nude
Russian Icon John Baptist with Body of Christ ca 1870s
Painting- English-Mostyn-listed-signed
19thc Irish Oil Painting--Damsel In Garden 1860s
Painting, Jungle Scene
Watercolor Painting of Venice Sgnd 1930s
Italian Watercolor/Gauche Cupids Forge neoclassical
Polish American Oil Expressionist Sgd 20thc
European Impressionist Oil Painting ca 1920s
Oil Painting-Arab Portrait--By Teed-American
19thc Oil Painting--Parade of Ancient Civilization