Dog Oil Painting Of Three Toy Breeds
USD $895
19thc English Rat Terrier Painting Sgnd Lstd Records
Late 17thc or Early 18thc Portrait of Spanish Grandee
USD $2,400
Striking Modernist Oil Painting of a Jezebel Signed
Oil Painting-Arab Portrait--By Teed-American
Painting O/C 19c Hassidic Jew at Full Gallop
Dutch Early 20thc Oil Painting Winter/Spring Sgnd
English Oil Painting Lyon 1855 Hardwick Listed
Italian 19thc Watercolor Grand Dame Signed
Watercolor Painting, 'Gate'-Chinese-1920s
Spanish Abstract Watercolor-Sgnd '89
USD $295
Dominican Oil Painting Sgnd Listed E Sanchez 1991
19thc Spanish Oil Painting Sgnd Lstd Sales
19thc Irish Oil Painting--Damsel In Garden 1860s
Painting- English-Mostyn-listed-signed
Lge German 19thc Drawing of Two Damsels In May
Polish American Oil Expressionist Sgd 20thc
American Civil War Portrait of Union General 1860
USD $990