Spanish civil war lithograph civilian suffering. Signed.
USD $475
Late 17thc or Early 18thc Portrait of Spanish Grandee
USD $2,400
Handsome Early 19thc Terracotta Bust of Medieval Scholar Italian
USD $495
19thc English Rat Terrier Painting Sgnd Lstd Records
French magic poster by Momento Mori 1920s lithography
American Oil - signed WG Smith-1920s
18tc English Engraving Caribbean Chief with Five Wives
Spanish civil war republican soldiers on attack, lithography. Signed
USD $475
Bronze Chimera of Arezzo Etruscan Italian
USD $595
18thc English Engraving S. American Female Savage
18thc French Life Size Classic Bust Alexander Great
USD $3,950
Carved Marble Infant Bust
Italian Lithography Giorgio de Chirico Sgnd lmtd Ed listed
USD $675
(pair) 18thc Italian paintings on vellum
USD $1,650
German Painting Christ & Mary Magdalene Sgnd ca 1930
USD $2,875
Dummy Boards, Regency.English-1840s
Print- Magellanic Aguara Fox
Lion and his Mate Oil Painting ca 1900