(pair) 18thc Italian paintings on vellum
USD $1,650
Russian Icon John Baptist with Body of Christ ca 1870s
Massive Bronze, Moor and Lion 120yrs
Antique 19thc Marble Bas Relief of Dante Italian
19thc Spanish Oil Painting Sgnd Lstd Sales
Painting, Barbizon School Still Life
17thc Map of Paris
19thc Chinese Bronze censor Elephant Form
19thc Spanish Male Dress Up Saint Joseph
USD $1,395
Australian Sculpture AAA Gun WWII Attr R. Klippel
Austrian Goldscheider Large Female Sculpture ca 1900
USD $4,125
Skeleton Desk Size Individual Bone Construction
Puerto Rican lithography by Augusto Marin Sgnd Lstd Lmtd Ed 1999
USD $2,950
French Portrait Painting Wasted Lady 1961 Paris Sgnd
19thc Cuban lithography of Vista of Baracoa ca 1860s
Print - Maned Aguara
Spanish Bullfight Painting ca 1930s
American Oil - signed WG Smith-1920s