Napoleon military bodyguard porcelian Paris
Napoleon at rest, lithography.
Napoleon with eagle, porcelain
Napoleon Clock French ca 1810
French Fancy Court Dress Sword-1850s
Finnish Medal -Decoration-1918
German WWI Badge-War Effort--ca 1914
Austrian Decoration -King Charles-1900s
Handmade Ship Model-Schooner-ca 1900
WWI American Canteen 1917 Marked
Iron Fencing or Japanese Martial Arts Mask ca 1900
Exotic 19th Pacific Rim Sword--Phillippine
Antique Handmade English Galleon ca1900
Carved Model Ship Ca 1930s Unusual
Pr Antique Iron Inlay Star Spurs Spanish Colonial 19th
USD $325
Four Imperial German Medals Decorations
USD $575
Belgian Order of Honor Military Decoration WWI
USD $295
English WWI Minted Silver Decoration/Medal Geo Vth
USD $275