103 Calle San Jose
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901
Medal, Dominican Republic
Napoleon at rest, lithography.
Austrian Decoration -King Charles-1900s
Carved Model Ship Ca 1930s Unusual
Napoleon military bodyguard porcelian Paris
Scottish Faux Dirk Ceremonial/Fraternal
USD $65
Indonesian Kris Dagger Early 19thc
Spanish Medal, Centenario Independencia
Ceramic sculpture
USD $9,780
Bronze Napoleon and Josephine, early 19thc Rondel
Napoleon bronze medallion, Andrieu
Napoleonic Bronze seal 200 yrs
Santo St Anthony Central American Spanish Colonial
German Imperial Silver Medal Bravery WWI Hessian
USD $295
Antique Zulu War Club Briarwood Made in One Piece
USD $440
Japanese Silver Medal Order of Sacred Treasure 1930s
USD $175
Chinese Republic Military Dagger
USD $425
North African 19thc Sleeve Dagger Berber
Napoleon bronze oval
Decorative ceramic plate
USD $1,250
Russian Imperial Medal Romanovs 1913 Original
Japanese Katana 18thc
19thc Japanese Dagger with Rare Carved Ivory Scabbard
Persian Ceremonial battle ax--1810
Napoleon bronze medallion
Imperial German Medal/Decoration 19thc Baden CA 1910
USD $195
Sudanese Double Bladed Haldie Dagger Engraved Blades
USD $750
Napoleon Clock French ca 1810
Study of Benito Mussolini
Iron Fencing or Japanese Martial Arts Mask ca 1900
Belgian Order of Honor Military Decoration WWI
USD $295
English 19thc Silver Military Decoration Edward VIIth
USD $275
Handmade Ship Model-Schooner-ca 1900
Napoleon with eagle, porcelain
Sword, German Hunting (Ivory handle)
Antique Handmade English Galleon ca1900