103 Calle San Jose
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901
Napoleon bronze medallion
Four Imperial German Medals Decorations
USD $575
Napoleon bronze oval
English 19thc Silver Military Decoration Edward VIIth
USD $275
Japanese Katana 18thc
Persian Ceremonial battle ax--1810
Handmade Ship Model-Schooner-ca 1900
Bronze Napoleon and Josephine, early 19thc Rondel
Medal, Spanish - Centenario arts de Gerona
Napoleon at rest, lithography.
Exotic 19th Pacific Rim Sword--Phillippine
Sudanese Double Bladed Haldie Dagger Engraved Blades
USD $750
Imperial German Medal/Decoration 19thc Baden CA 1910
USD $195
Japanese Silver Medal Order of Sacred Treasure 1930s
USD $175
Russian Imperial Medal Romanovs 1913 Original
Napoleon Clock French ca 1810
Scottish Faux Dirk Ceremonial/Fraternal
USD $65
Austrian Decoration -King Charles-1900s